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Dr. George Thomas (MBBS, MD), Clinic For Rehabilitation, Cochin

"When I think of Interior Works these attributes come to mind: design, quality, and attention to detail. I bought a villa in Cochin. My goal was to keep the integrity of the building but give it modern amenities and to focus on detail. I had done my homework and had developed a vision and Sunny Wood Craft affirmed that I was on the right track. Sunny Wood Craft expanded on these ideas with plans, resources, boundless energy and good listening skills. It was a wonderful experience bouncing ideas off each other".

Shylan (CEO, Siddhi Homes, Cochin)

"We have been working with Interior Works for more than four years and our experience has been fabulous! From custom furniture, to interior design, to our new and VERY amazing basement, it's always excellent workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. All of the staff at Sunny Wood Craft are so easy to work with and are truly interested in customer satisfaction. We would recommend Interior Works to everyone looking for top quality interiors."




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